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3L Reinforcement Ring Permanent Pack of 500

Code: 100852423
Reference: 8214-500
Minimum Order Qty: 20


  • Strengthen Your Documents: Ideal for reinforcing the most used documents.
  • Permanent Adhesive: Ensures strong, lasting attachment to your pages.
  • Hole Protection: Strengthens punched holes and protects them against wear from frequent page turning.
  • Perfect for Ring Binders: Great for documents frequently taken in and out of ring binders.
  • Repair Torn Pages: Can be used to fix already torn pages.
  • Transparent Material: Made from clear polypropylene, blending seamlessly with your documents.
  • 13 mm Diameter: Perfect size for most standard hole punches.
  Barcode Weight Length Width Height Qty
Retail 5701193821452 15gm 9.3cm 7.6cm 1.8cm 1
Pack 5701193003612 351gm 15.3cm 18.6cm 9.6cm 20
Carton 5701193003629 8230gm 40cm 33.5cm 50cm 400